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Hi, I'm Mark.  I fell in love with motorcycles and have been riding since I was eleven years old.  It has remained a passion of mine throughout my life.

I have grown up in Wellington City since coming over from Northern Ireland as a small child and have loved the landscape and history of this city which I love to share with others.

While tours are fun for me, I can also be used as an alternative taxi service for a quick ride to whatever destination you are wanting to travel to.

You can find me up the top of the Cable Car . I have eftpos available.

While on a tour with me, I can show you our beautiful  landscape, describe our unique history and give recommendations on things to do and places to dine in Wellington.


I take your safety and hygiene very seriously and have completed many courses with Roadsafe NZ.

I am a qualified rider with all of my license endorsements, including a P endorsement and a Transport service license. 

The law in NZ is that you must wear a helmet while on the road and you may not wear open toed shoes while on the back of a bike. 

We have helmets of different sizes available. Please check your sizing and let us know when you book. 

I also provide disposable helmet liners for hygiene. 


My motorcycle is a classic 60's style, Triumph Bonnieville, T100 from England.   

I can take two riders at a time - one on the back of the motorcycle and one in the sidecar.  If there are two of you and you both want a ride in the sidecar, I can let you know our halfway point and you can swap over. 

I provide a small blanket for the side car in case the weather changes as well as a photo opportunity for you to capture the moment.

I do ask that everybody uses common sense. Please keep arms inside the car at all times and intoxicated persons will not be permitted to ride. 

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